Citospin is a Technology-Based Innovative Enterprise (EBT) based at The Valladolid University Scientific Park. Citospin has been approved by the Spanish Medicine Agency for manufacturing GMP-compliant products for human cell therapy.


 Our catalog includes presently Valladolid bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSV®), limbal stem cells, fat mesenchymal stem cells, skin equivalents, fibroblasts and chondrocytes and tissue engineering in a propietary scaffold with different cell types for the several clinical applications. Each one of these protocols has been approved by the Spanish Medicinal Agency.





Citospin Staff: 

  • Technical Director: Ana Sánchez, MD, PhD

  • Quality Control Director: Javier García-Sancho, MD, PhD

  • Cell Production Managers: Mercedes Alberca, PhD; Mª Francisca Pastor, PhD; Verónica García Díaz, MSc.

  • Quality Control Manager: Sandra Güemes, Senior Technician

  • Maintenance Manager: Jesus Fernández, Senior Technician

  • Administrative Assistant: Virginia Gordillo, MSc

  • Cell Production Technicians: Ana Amigo, Berta Santa Úrsula, Mª Victoria Sáez.

  • Analytical and Microbial Quality Control: África Cubero, MSc; Vanessa de Santiago

  •  Maintenance Technician: Marcos García